Property transfers in Madison County – Oneida Dispatch

The following deeds were among those recorded in the Madison County clerk’s office from: March 21, 2022 through April 1, 2022:

Erin Orth to Stephen Cunningham; 5016 Reservoir Rd, Morrisville for $50,000

Marion Diehl/adm to Carolyn Diehl; 1445 Salt Springs Rd, Chittenango for $0

Louise Clark/exr to Adam Custer; 2596 McKinley St, New Woodstock for $1,800

Steven Manner to Nathan Dailey; Cole St, Madison for $265,000

Thomas Zlomek to Community LD LLC; McCormick Rd, Madison for $6,000

Joseph Leibl to William Williams; 317 Tuttle Ave, Canastota for $21,000

William Albro/exr to Richard Albro; 111 Larkin Ave, Canastota for $1

Richard Arciero to Steven Schenk; Palmer Rd, Brookfield for $175,000

Michael McCarthy/exr to Michael McAndrew; Williams St, Cazenovia for $95,000

Northborough Communities to Adrian Reed Trust; Burton St, Cazenovia for $490,500

Donna Griffin to William Finster; 7717 Oxbow Rd, Canastota for $32,500

Thomas Dunn to Karen Seelman; Pleasant St, Canastota for $1

Mary Devito to Anne Sheridan; Rte 5, Oneida for $160,000

Gary Constance to Colleen Zimmer; Pauling Dr, Chittenango for $60,000

Samuel Terrier to David Dietrich; 8641 Wratten Rd, Hubbardsville for $8,000

Karl Bajohr/poa to Kelly Miller; 158 Canal St, Canastota for $85,000

Travis Carlisle to Telah Carlisle; Race St, Chittenango for $47,000

Marilyn Jordan/adm to Billy Everspaugh; 106 Barlow St, Canastota for $65,000

Barry Russo to Mark Mallery; 1608 Union St, Oneida for $324,00.00

Janet Bender to Jared Shepard; 212 Diane Cr, Chittenango for $179,000

Craig Hayden to Jason Emrich; 3122 Greene Rd, Erieville for $128,000

Green & Moore Development to Michael Hopkins; 3350 Cannon Crest Dr, Cazenovia for $70,000

Timothy Cooley to Aaron Excell; Church St, Hamilton for $15,000

Marva Smith to Robert Dunford; 2796 Cottons Rd, Canastota for $112,000

Brian Coughlin to Andrew Peterson; Farnham St, Cazenovia for $55,000
56 Albany Street to CT56 Properties; Albany St, Cazenovia for $260,000

Thomas Dunn to Robert Dunn; Peterboro St, Canastota for $45,000

Aaron Solle to Donald Stanwick; 84 Eaton St, Hamilton for $245,000

Bruce Young to Daniel Young; 7268 W Rte 20, Madison for $1

Monica Genge to Aileen Genge; 248 Maple Dr, Oneida for $127,000

Dustin Forward to David Miller; 3892 Mutton Hill Rd, Cazenovia for $95,000

Carol Goal to Jennifer Appleby; Lincklaen St, Cazenovia for $1

Kenneth Katzenstein to Ronald Kingsley; 6703 Creek Rd, Chittenango for $1

Cory Baker et al to Rachel McNamara; 324 Frank Rd, Hamilton for $280,000

Hamilton Housing to Niranjan Davray; 505 Chenango Hill Dr, Hamilton for $356,500

Green & Moore Development to Peter Wyckoff; 3331 Cannon Drest Dr, Cazenovia for $48,000

Matthew Rogers to Elaine Rogers; 1887 Gorton Lake Rd, Brookfield for $1

Kimberly Pearsall to Tim Beal; 6380 Evans Rd, Chittenango for $230,000

Herbert Houser to Toni Winter; 1020 Borden Rd, Hamilton for $235,000

Bradley L Bowe to Bradley W Bowe; New Boston St, Canastota for $1

Elizabethg Obrien to Debra Yaciw; Solsville Rd, Madison for $20,000

Christopher Heckman to Daniel Moore; 655 N Peterboro St, Canastota for $136,000

Hamiton Village to Pieman Wings Way LLC; Wings Way, Hamilton for $1

North Ridge LLC to Robert Smith; 2230 Gidran Dr, Chittenango for $35,000

Jonathan Stremmel to Green Tree Property Holdings; 115-117 S Peterboro St, Canastota for $150,000

Lei Yusheng to Sean Drzewiecki; 10914 Miner Rd, Brookfield for $180,000

Peter Gianforte to Luke Gianforte; E Lake Rd, Cazenovia for $1

Paul Blehar to Kelly Trexler; Phillip St, Oneida for $1

Susan Becker/poa to Scott Cornell; 4352 Rte 92, Cazenovia for $222,000

Gary Comstock to William Smith; 105 Sherman St, Oneida for $140,000

Green Trust to Tiara Cortes; 1661 Rte 31, Chittenango for $161,000

Daniel Clark to Emily Lee; 205 Juneway Dr, Chittenango for $220,000

Karen Snyder to Henry Gerwig Jr; 108 Caroline St, Canastota for $70,000

Green & Moore Devel Ltf to Christopher Curran; 3340 Cannon Crest Dr, Cazenovia for $50,00.00

Dennis Tobin/adm to Megan Seale; 7701 Oxbow Rd, Canastota for $154,000

Karen McDonald to Richard Dennison; Moore Rd, Stockbridge for $15,000

Keith Peavey to KLP Ventures; 7029 Rte 20, Madison for $1

Lisa Visalli to Kimberly Pearsall; 2391 Old Rte 5, Chittenango for $315,000

Samantha Barnes to Gabriela Delgado; 4017 Nelson Hgts Rd, Cazenovia for $177,000

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