The City of Green Bay publishes all election records for WFRV Local 5

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – The city of Green Bay has reportedly received over 65 record inquiries related to the elections. For the sake of transparency, the city has published all the records.

After the April 2020 and November 2020 elections, Green Bay received the following inquiries:

  • elections
  • The CTCL grant
  • Employee activities during the timeframe

The City of Green Bay publishes all record keeping inquiries on its website.

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It also includes records of the contract with the KI Convention Center and the chain of custody protocol for postal voting, even though they were never requested.

A recent election report has a few Wisconsin lawmakers are calling for the resignation of Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich.

Demand for the mayor’s resignation and investigation came from Senator Kathy Bernier, Chair of the Senate Electoral Committee, Sens. Roger Roth of Appleton and Alberta Darling of Whitefish Bay.

Democratic lawmakers in northeast Wisconsin, MPs Kristina Shelton and Lee Snodgrass, accused Republicans of promoting electoral conspiracy theories and “right wing propaganda.”

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The Spotlight Wisconsin story alleges that Genrich and his staff ceded too much authority to bridge the election, including handing over the keys to the central ballot counting location to advisor Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein hired by the city was to participate in the elections.

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