14,863 positives – West of the I

by Darren Hillock.

Kenosha County COVID-19 Immunization Status / Kenosha County Health Department

Note: Wait, do some of these numbers seem wrong to you? Here is an explanation of a recent adjustment to the data reported by the status. – DH

The Wisconsin Health Services Department reports a total of 14,863 positive COVID-19 test results in Kenosha County as of Thursday. That’s 2 more than Wednesday. There have been 301 COVID-19 deaths in Kenosha County. The Wisconsin Health Services Department reported 72,115 negative test results as of Thursday, a positive rate of 8,834 / 100,000 people and a death rate of 2.0 percent in Kenosha County.

The Kenosha County Health Department is reporting the following overall positive COVID-19 test results for Western Kenosha County as of Thursday:

  • Bristol – 406 cases (adjusted for 3 from March 4)
  • Paddock Lake – 246 falls (2 more than March 4th)
  • Salem Lakes – 992 Falls (1 more than March 4th)
  • Randall – 218 cases
  • Twin Lakes – 378 falls (adjusted by 3 from March 4th)
  • Wheatland – 239 cases (1 more than March 4th)
  • Paris – 97 cases (1 more than March 4th)
  • Brighton – 107 cases (1 more than March 4th)

All of the other county cases reported above are from Kenosha, Somers, and Pleasant Prairie.

Here are the daily positive and negative results of Kenosha County COVID-19 over time:

Here are Kenosha County’s COVID-19 positives as a percentage of daily testing over time along with a 14-day moving average (Note: the moving average was stopped for March 5th and 6th due to the adjustment of positives – DH ):

The Kenosha County Health Department announced the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus in Kenosha County on March 16, 2020.

The DHS in Wisconsin reported 568,352 positive tests and 2,658,651 negative tests on Thursday, with 6,524 deaths nationwide.

Lake County, Illinois, where many Kenosha Counties work, had 55,259 positive results as of Thursday.

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