Arizona Cardinals 2021 NFL Playoffs Rooting Guide NFL Week 12 Games

The Arizona Cardinals would be number 1 in the NFC playoffs if the postseason started after week 11.

Not bad for a team that hasn’t been in the NFL playoffs since 2015.

The team currently stands at 9-2, the best record in the NFL.

It’s goodbye this week so it can’t change its own chances by switching to 10-2.

But it can increase its playoff chances with a little help from other teams.

The top seed in each conference receives a bye in the playoffs and the other division winners receive the number 2 to 4 seeds. 5th, 6th and 7th place go to the non-division winners with the best records.

How can the Cardinals get any closer to reaching a playoff spot and reaching number 1 in the NFC postseason?

Here’s a breakdown of what to look for in week 12 of the NFL season to improve Arizona’s chances.

NFL Week 12 Picks, Predictions:

Green Bay Packers or Los Angeles Rams?

The Cardinals will benefit from the Packers vs Rams result in Week 12, but which result would be the best? It depends on what your goals for the Cardinals this season are.

If you want the Cardinals to win NFC West, a Packers win at home against the Rams would give Arizona more room in the division race by dropping Los Angeles to 7-4 overall.

If you want the Cardinals to finish # 1 in the NFC overall standings and that first-round goodbye that goes with it, then the Rams that beat the Packers are likely the better result. That would place Green Bay, who has the head-to-head tie-breaker against Arizona thanks to their win in Glendale earlier this season, at 8-4, which gives the Cardinals a little more room for the home advantage in the conference over the Packers would give postseason.

My thoughts? Pull for the Rams this week to defeat the Packers. It would drop Green Bay and the Cardinals would still be a game ahead of Los Angeles, which Arizona is playing at home against in week 14. Take care of business there and the Cardinals will be in a prime position for the top spot in the NFC.

Regardless of the outcome, however, the Cardinals will win the Rams vs. Packers game in Week 12.

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For Cardinals to reach # 1 in the NFC playoffs

Raider over cowboys: The Cowboys are 7-3 in the season, so losing to Las Vegas would give Arizona a bigger lead over Dallas in the race for the # 1 NFC playoff seed.

Colts on Buccaneers: The 7-3 Buccaneers are hot on the heels of the Cardinals in the NFC, so a win at Indianapolis Arizona would help a lot.

Packer over Rams / Rams over packer: Either outcome would technically help the Cardinals as the Rams 7-3 and the Packers 8-3 are in season.

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Should Arizona Cardinals fans cheer for the Green Bay Packers to beat the Los Angeles Rams in week 12 of the NFL season?

So that Cardinals win the NFC West

Packer over rams: A Packers win would put the Rams to 7-4, two games behind the 9-2 Cardinals that come in week 13 of the NFL season.

Vikings over 49ers: The 49ers are 5-5 in the season, but it never hurts to see a division rival fall even further behind in the division race.

Washington via Seahawks: The Seahawks are 3-7. You’re not in the division race. It doesn’t hurt to see them more of it, however.

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For Cardinals, to get closer to a playoff spot:

Vikings over 49ers / 49ers over Vikings: These teams are both 5-5 and are in the NFC playoff chase, so the Cardinals will benefit from both results.

Giants over eagles: A Giants win would put the Eagles at 5-7 that season and hurt their NFC playoff chances.

Invoices about saints: The Saints are 5-5 and are currently in the last NFC playoff place.

Dolphins over panthers: A win in Miami would put the Panthers, who are battling for an NFC spot, 5-7 that season.

Jaguars over falcons: Jacksonville could essentially knock the 4-6 Falcons out of the NFC playoff race.

Seahawks over Washington: Seattle is 3-7 and Washington is 4-6. Both teams would likely drop out of the NFC playoff race at 4-7.

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