COVID-19 cases surge in Madison County

JACKSON, Tennessee – A recent surge in COVID-19 cases worries local health officials.

“We’ve seen an increase, I think we’ve reported 1,248 new cases since last Wednesday. I can tell you it’s actually more because we have to enter the positive tests from the state, we’re a bit behind with hundreds of them pouring in every day, ”said Kim Tedford, Jackson Madison County’s regional director of health .

Tedford says new COVID-19 cases have increased particularly within a certain group.

“We are actually in the middle of an increase, our hospital numbers are increasing. I hate to talk about them, but after our briefing this morning with the hospitals and mayors, their numbers are increasing, especially among the unvaccinated, “said Tedford.

This makes it difficult for health organizations to see which variant is more dominant.

“We can’t differentiate between the Delta variant and the Omicron variant because they don’t test every specimen for a variant that needs to be genome sequenced in a laboratory,” said Tedford.

Tedford says the Omicron variant is much more contagious.

“I think we’re in a more critical position with this increase right now because it’s so highly transferable, that’s a big difference between the Delta and Omicron variants,” said Tedford.

She says the symptoms are also different from the Delta variant.

“It’s usually like a severe sinus infection or a bad cold, some fever pain, sore throat is a big symptom that we see,” said Tedford.

The Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

They also have a COVID-19 hotline if you have any questions, this phone number is (731) 240-1771.

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