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Focus on Community is a not-for-profit organization that provides vital life skills to teenagers and families in Racine County. They do this by providing tools that help people achieve success through programming, coaching, and mentoring. Additionally, they are Racine’s premier addiction prevention agency. Focus on Community also works to make healthy decisions.


Focus on Community offers a variety of programs including:

  • Promotion of family wealth
    • The Advancing Family Assets (AFA) program is aimed at families with minor children in zip codes 53403 or 53405 who want to make progress in income, education and health.
  • Family game evenings
    • Family Game Nights take place once a month at various school locations in Racine and include a family dinner. Each participating family receives a new game to play every month to take home.
  • FAST
    • Families And Schools Together (FAST) is an innovative and collaborative prevention and parenting program that brings families together to take part in fun, research-based activities aimed at empowering families and empowering parents.
  • Life skills
    • The Botvin LifeSkills program serves as in-house drug prevention training for our local 5th, 6th and 7th grade students.
  • Partner2
    • Partners2’s mission is to connect parents, students, schools and our community to promote positive cultural change and healthy choices, with an emphasis on preventing alcohol, tobacco and drug use by our youth. Partners2 operates in the Burlington area and brings together the efforts of parents, students, schools and communities to empower our youth to discover healthy lifestyles.
  • Teenage peers
    • The Teen Peer Program educates high school aged teenagers in our community about the dangers of substance abuse and encourages them to choose healthy lifestyles through skill development. Teen peers can volunteer for any Focus program, event, or community fundraiser.

In addition, they provide resources such as prevention tools and resources and work with various agencies in Racine.


Volunteer at Focus on Community. Apply here on the website. Donate your time to improve the community.

In addition, Focus on Community is dependent on donations. You are currently running a toy campaign. They are looking for new children’s toys for their customers.

Send a text message or call 262-221-5552 to participate or donate through PayPal.

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