Valve adjustments, landscaping remain for Highland Drive project – The Madison Record

MADISON – After taking a long time to complete the required work, construction on the water lines on Highland Drive is nearing completion.

“The project on Highland Drive is primarily a water pipe replacement project. We’ve had some major breaks on Highland Drive over the past few years and they have become more frequent, ”said Jason Leggett. Leggett, who has professional engineering degrees, works with Madison Utilities and is leading the project.

“We only have a handful of items left on their list,” Leggett said. In the last week of December 2021, some repairs to the lawn, some adjustments to the valve boxes and an updated final examination are on the work plan.

Because of major repairs, “We conducted this project to replace all of the water infrastructure along the road, including pipes, utility hoses, valves, hydrants (and other water line components). The water infrastructure work has been contracted out to Norris Brothers Contracting and that work is essentially complete, ”said Leggett.

“The contractor said he was hiring a landscaper to look after the yards, but we haven’t seen him yet,” Leggett said on Jan. 5.

“We have a small punch list with some cleanup for the contractor to take care of, and we’re working with the contractor to hopefully complete this (by mid-January),” Leggett said. “Most of the remaining items are gardening work that has been hampered by recent weather.”

According to Leggett, the Highland Drive project achieved several goals:

* Improving the quality of water infrastructure materials.

* Extension of the useful life of the water infrastructure.

* Drastically reducing the disruption of water supplies due to leaks and other outages.

Madison Utilities coordinated the work with the Madison City Engineering Department, which is responsible for paving the pavement.

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