Why are the Green Bay Packers playing in Green Bay?

The Green Bay Packers are one of the NFL’s most famous franchises. You have won four Super Bowls, including the first, which was played in 1967 and had 11 NFL championships before the merger happened. But if I asked you to point Green Bay on the map, could you?

Where is Green Bay?

NFL franchises are typically based in major cities and major markets that can attract lots of fans and lots of revenue as game day begins. The Packers have held their own since their humble beginnings, and after centuries of history have stayed in a small lakefront town in Wisconsin. So the question is why Green Bay?

To answer this question, we may need to go a little deeper and get out our maps or atlases. Just over a hundred miles north of Milwaukee is Wisconsin, a small town on Lake Michigan known as frozen tundra.

The official attendance that day was 19,856 as Lambeau Field recorded over 36,000 no-shows before 2020 with the smallest crowd in the stadium’s history. pic.twitter.com/DQbicHK5G0

– Packers History (@HistoricPackers) December 1, 2021

Green Bay, Wisconsin: Home of the Packers and Cheeseheads

Green Bay has a little over 100,000 residents, most of whom are known as “cheese heads”. Despite being that way called Packers fans, they’re known not so much for their cheese in Green Bay as they are for another household product. The town that Aaron Rodgers has lived in since 2005 is known as the “toilet paper capital of the world” because of its importance in the paper industry.

Though the population of Green Bay Barley is six figures, they have an airport that almost every team uses for their road trips against the Packers. Austin Straubel Airport is open all year round, weather permitting. When it comes to hotel options, Green Bay falls short when it comes to the choice of hotels that can accommodate an entire NFL team. The most common option for the Packers’ opponents is a hotel called the Paper Valley Hotel.

As we can see, Green Bay is a small town with a small airport and not many hotels to choose from. Why is a seemingly inhospitable place for an NFL franchise still one of the league’s sacred sites?

Why Green Bay?

What you need to understand is that in the early days of the NFL and the early days of the Packers, most of the teams across the league were from small towns and cities. While Chicago, Cincinnati and New York had teams, Cities like Akron, Canton, Rock Island, and Evansville also had teams.

These were the first real teams in the NFL until a decade later the teams either collapsed or moved to bigger cities to stay afloat. The main reason the team has lasted so long in a city that isn’t well equipped to have an NFL team like New York or Philadelphia is their fan base.

When the team got into financial trouble in the early 1920s, the franchise decided to sell shares of the team to the public. This created a bond between the community and the team that has proven to be unbreakable to this day.

Since then, innumerable legends have donned the yellow and green helmets and conquered the field at Lambeau while The franchise has won four Super Bowls in its long and illustrious history.

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