COMMUNITY: Kenosha Literacy Council notes there’s a lot to learn outside the classroom |


Every day at Kenosha Literacy Council is an adventure for me because I can interact with adult learners from 40 different countries, all of whom study for different reasons.

But the bigger picture is the same for everyone: if you can read, write and speak English, you can be independent. The students express daily how they want to get into conversation with people in the community, such as in the shop or at work. Parents want to talk to their children’s teachers and doctors. They want to be sure when they reply to people who say “hello” or ask them “how are you?”

Like all of us, KLC learners want to be part of the community in which they live. My job as the program coordinator of the Kenosha Literacy Council is to help the learners with this. Working with the students, I help them create a plan to achieve their goals by tailoring KLC’s programs to their needs.

As we have all experienced, the pandemic has presented many challenges. But it has also got organizations and companies to be creative and think outside the box. For us at KLC, the result has been even more innovative and enriching programs that have enabled our learners to continue their education.

We have always used experiential learning methods at KLC by taking students on field trips to health facilities, banks, libraries, etc. But over the past year we’ve really taken the learning experience to the next level.

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