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The Racine Zoo is very active within the local community. Their specialists inform and inspire all age groups, from preschoolers to senior citizens, about the importance of conservation education and ways to connect with wildlife.

Racine Zoo’s mission is to promote an insightful and affordable wildlife experience that enhances the bond between humans and nature. They aim to provide a haven for positive interaction between humans and nature.

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This is how the zoo helps

The Racine Zoo’s Conservation Education Department is dedicated to promoting awareness of conservation issues through engaging, educational and fun zoo experiences. Racine Zoo is involved in many local, national, and international conservation initiatives, including the Ornate Box Turtle Launch, Frog Watch USA, Seafood Watch Program, and more.

Gift giving at Racine Zoo

The animal care department of the Racine Zoo provides the daily and veterinary care they need for over 300 animals and 75 different species that call the Racine Zoo their home. Just like you must eat our animals and have dentist visits! Each animal requires unique care and enrichment, as well as proactive care, in order to lead long, healthy lives. As a non-profit organization, the price for the special care our animals require is high. You are looking for much-needed funds.

Donors play a vital role in keeping the community’s 98-year-old zoo running. Thanks to the generous support of the community, the zoo will be able to create new experiences and memories for guests of all ages in the years to come. A donation of any size makes a difference.


To donate to Racine Zoo, click the button below. For more information on programs, events, and how your funds are helping, visit Racine Zoo online, email [email protected], call (262) 636-9189, or visit the 200 Goold Street, Racine, WI53402.

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