Twin Lakes man charged with fleeing deputy | Crime & Courts

A 24-year-old man from Twin Lakes is charged with fleeing after allegedly leading the police in a car chase into Illinois on Oct. 4.

Cody M. Thompson is held on his first appearance on October 7th by Inspector Larry Keating in the Kenosha County Jail on a $ 10,000 cash bond. He is due to return for a preliminary hearing in court on Tuesday, October 26th.


The crime carries a maximum penalty of $ 10,000 and three years and six months in prison. Thompson is also being charged as a repeat offender, as court records show he was convicted of robbery in Cook County, Illinois, in 2019.

He was also charged for failing to stop at a stop sign and operating without a valid license.

According to the criminal complaint:

A deputy for the Kenosha County Sheriff observed the defendant failing to stop at a stop sign on 336th Avenue in Randall City at 12:06 am on October 4.

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Two days later, police contacted the registered owner, who said Thompson had access to the keys. He denied driving the vehicle, but text messages between the defendant and the owner revealed that he had stated that he had fled the police.

Thompson later stated that he had recently been paroled and did not want to have any interactions with law enforcement, and that is why he fled.

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